Solar screens are by far the most cost-effective way of controlling light and heat that enters your home. Beat the Texas summer heat, make your home noticeably beautiful, and save big on your A/C bill with solar screens.

Solar screens provide up to an astounding 90% blockage of sunlight and heat while maintaining a perfect outside view. Significant benefits of solar screens include:

  • Cooler rooms in the summer
  • Warmer rooms in the winter
  • UV ray protection
  • Prevention of furniture fade
  • insect protection
  • Glare reduction
  • Golf ball protection
  • Retain outward visibility
  • Improved ventilation
  • Soft light access
  • Increased privacy

Let solar screens keep your home cooler through a small, one-time investment and receive a quick return by reducing high energy bills.

Matt uses top-quality Phifer SunTex screens with a thick 1" framing. You can choose from a variety of screens with various heat controls, privacy levels, colors, and shading. Below are all the Phifer SunTex screen colors. All colors available in 80% blockage & 90% blockage. We also can replace normal bug screens if damaged. For our full gallery of solar screens, please visit our Facebook page:

  • 7-day turnaround time from initial order to installation.

  • Choose any frame color, screen color, and protection level at no extra cost.